What people are saying about the book

“Live Healthier Better and Longer with Hydrogen” is written with amazing clarity, conciseness, and insight. The book is easy to understand for both the general public and health professionals. Bob Settineri would make the perfect high school biology teacher or college professor we wish we all had. The text and cartoons are entertaining and get the important message across to the reader that hydrogen plays a role in human biology and health in general. Hydrogen may very well be the ‘Breath of Life.’

Shel Stein, MA

The book “Live Healthier, Better and Longer” by Bob Settineri gave me the information I needed on how the cells of my body work with H2 to improve my health. I can use the knowledge I gained to help myself and tell others about what I learned about the power of H2. I will use it as educational information for growing my practice and recommend reading the book.

Yukari Oshima
Licensed Acupuncturist

As a therapist/scientist, I have deep concerns about the lack of focus on preventative treatments, such as Hydrogen being overshadowed by some existing medical modalities. I have witnessed my family use H2 for profound challenges, improving their quantity and quality of life tremendously! Gain knowledge from this book to improve many aspects of well-being. Share it with everyone you know.

John Hyatt
Former U.S. Navy Medical Researcher and Medical Device Inventor

There is loads of information about your body, your cells, your immune system, and how H2 can aid in helping all of them. It’s a fun read, and Bob Settineri has a creative knack for making everything crystal clear. It’s interesting to find out how cells can do so much without you even knowing. Simply AMAZING! I highly recommend reading it.

Debbie Vischulis
Director of Marketing, Drs Nutrition Bar

This new book, “LIVE HEALTHIER, BETTER, and LONGER,” authored by Bob Settineri, clearly sets forth the concept of responsibility for our health. The book you are holding is about you. Reading it is enjoyable, easy to grasp information, and well worth the time spent. Simply put, the traditional health system sometimes does not respond to our specific wellness needs; therefore, we need to explore outside the box to find a no-nonsense, natural way to enhance and improve the quality of our lives. As such, this book is a first look at the emerging techniques, clinical application, and groundbreaking research concerning Hydrogen’s therapeutic, efficacious benefits. Each section is presented in the spirit of educational discovery with many valid scientific references. The enthusiastic message is valid and similar to the author’s life philosophy: “In life, the purpose is to have fun, be happy, and live longer. “Many people can benefit from the well-written material presented in this book. Hats off to you, Bob, for this outstanding effort. In health with many blessings to all.

Dr. Soren Nielson N.D.

I just read Bob Settineri’s book, “Live Healthier, Better and Longer with Hydrogen (H2). The book really opens your eyes to the wide variety of health benefits available to you by taking H2-supplemented water. The book is good at explaining scientific information in an easy-to-understand and comical language that makes even boring biology more entertaining to the reader. The book is a little long for discussing a molecule. Still, you find that the length is necessary to explain the various benefits of the H2 molecule. Suppose you are like me, the type of person that likes to really understand the benefits of a supplement before you put it in your body. In that case, this book will help answer all your questions. I highly recommend this book if you are on a journey to achieving and maintaining excellent health.

Butch Svedeen
CEO of World Health Products, LLC

A significant function of a physician is as a teacher in addition to a healer. I recommend reading Bob’s book because it provides knowledge about cells in relationship to a safe, natural, and effective means to help the body’s cells work better. The book is a must-read for people who want to learn additional means to improve their health.

Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, MD
Founder and Medical Director of Tustin Longevity Center

I just finished reading this fantastic book on Hydrogen that Bob Settineri wrote, and it is a breakthrough on how H2 can help us lead better lives. Bob has gained the respect of many doctors and leaders throughout the medical community for his knowledge and dedication to meticulous research, documentation, and publication of findings. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Jerry B. Silver, J.D.
Business Consultant

What a wonderful book! I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a well-written, well-organized, and fun read. The tone was light, with humor but authoritative, without being pedantic. The illustrations are exceptionally well done, bright and informative.

Steven Rosenblatt, MD

Thanks to this book, I have a greater understanding of how my body works and how to achieve optimal health through the daily use of H2. Settineri takes complex scientific concepts and makes them both easy to understand and fun to learn about for those of us who do not have a scientific background. Anyone can read this book to understand better the roles different cells play in our bodies and how H2 is a revolutionary, simple way to maintain optimal health throughout one’s lifetime. And it’s fun to read, as well! I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a body.

Valerie Costa
Business Owner and Editor

This book on Hydrogen is a minor masterpiece by Bob Settineri. It displays a rare ability to utilize his knowledge and expertise in evaluating over 2,000 complex scientific publications to communicate, with great clarity, a highly readable review defining the wide-ranging and remarkable benefits that Hydrogen can provide in over 170 therapeutic or disease conditions. He has produced the most compelling logic I have seen on the reason to include Hydrogen in any personal nutritional supplement strategy.

Jack Baldridge
Chairman of the Board, Advanced BioCatalytics

Bob has a unique ability to break down complex subjects and make them simple and easy to digest. His vast knowledge of Hydrogen and ability to explain Hydrogen’s interaction with the human cell in simple detail is truly eye-opening. I believe anyone concerned with optimizing human health and healing should read this book

Dr. Phil Straw
Medical Director, Next Medical